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PV Lab Pakistan – Making Quality Visible in the PV industry

About us

About us

PV LAB Pakistan is a specialized test lab with focus on Quality Assurance and risk evaluation for PV modules and inverters. We evaluate solar modules in small and large samples directly from production lines, with special focus on their technical performance and reliability throughout their service life cycle. 

Since PV modules still account for more than 50% of the total investment of a project, laboratory tests are a mandatory requirement for almost all MW-scale projects seeking bank financing. These tests focus on Quality Assurance and provide information about the performance of the modules and, to a lesser extent, their long-term stability. PV LAB Pakistan supports banks and investors and is a competent contact for technical questions.

What we do

We regularly find that PV modules have poor readings in the test laboratory or during inspections of incoming goods, but the purchaser is unable to claim compensation due to lack of any corresponding terms within the sales agreement. It is a common mistake to purchase modules on the basis of a data sheet or performance guarantee from the manufacturer. The only guarantee of receiving modules of an acceptable quality is to have detailed technical specifications including all the testing processes and corresponding pass/fail criteria. A considerably larger problem can arise when trying to claim for product defects that only become apparent after a period of usage. Considering this, it is vital to define testing requirements and their pass/fail criteria upfront in the purchase contract.